Principles supporting women's voices
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Principles supporting women's voices
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Early Intervention
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Principles supporting women's voices

Arise Recovery Center is approved as a Family Violence Intervention Program in Georgia(FVIP).  We hear frequent episodes about violence against women but few have solutions.  We are glad to offer qualified resources for Coweta and surrounding counties that bring real help for men who have committed violence against women.  One principle we go by is that we must seek out women's voices and experiences.  Most often women in violent relationships find the partner to be highly controlling, disrespectful and demanding so that the voice of women is quieted, put down, ignored or diminished.  Healthy relationships require men to accept women's influence in their lives, recognize their behaviors, be accountable for attitudes, and learn to listen to women's voices.  If you or a loved one needs help then call our staff  at 678-725-2631.